What is 5g | Decoding the Journey of 5G in the world | 5g Network Facts

Apart from being a game-changing event, the journey of 5g network or 5g Network Facts in the world is going to reform the technological structure with an upgraded vision. Let’s dig deep into it. 

Evolution of 5G network

It all started with the advent of 1G, i.e. the first generation mobile technology where the medium was restricted to voice. This gave mobility to the user, one could talk on the phone even in the car.

Later, 2G came into the picture, this allowed us to share a short-messaging service.

Then we could explore the world of 3G. This technology gave wings to the smartphones with essential network speed. 

This was the beginning of this mobile revolution, and the journey went ahead with 4G. With this, we got bombarded with so many lucrative data plans and data transfer services. 

The moment 4G took over everything from data to n number of devices connected to it, communication of voice, text, pictures, videos, docs became seamless for everyone to explore

5G network

The next greater leap is going to be 5G network speed. It’s going to be a massive transformation for the mobile services, corporate world, and ultimately the users. 

But that’s not all, the up-gradation of the 5G network has also given heed to so many apprehensions about the 5G network speed.

5G network

Let’s understand what is 5G network

The 5G network, also known as the fifth-generation mobile network, is the beginning of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. In fact, will rewrite a new chapter in the history of technology. 

The 5G network speed is offering a host of improvements in terms of speed, wireless connectivity, and overall performance. The commercial sector is hugely dependent and appreciative of the features it has to offer. 

Whereas, the whole scenario woven around the 5G network facts and figures are quite scary for many. 5G network is not considered to be safe by a group or medical experts, radiations are way more strong and cannot be considered completely safe for humans to be surrounded with. 

Yet these assumptions are still not approved or verified officially by the concerned authorities and they have been in support of the introduction of the 5G network.

Here are 5 amazing facts about 5G that you should know:

  • With 49.4% of 2020’s worldwide investment, China is leading the global race of 5G network.
  • As per researchers, about 1.5 billion people will have access to 5G by 2024.
  • According to New Ericsson Mobility Report, over 10 million 5G subscriptions will be there from all over at the end of 2019 and up to 400 million subscriptions by 2024 at global level.
  • Experts believe that 5G will be the foundational tech that will revolutionize the adoption of technologies like virtual and augmented reality.
  • Reportedly, 5G networks are going to take responsibility of 35% of total global mobile traffic by 2024.


Based on the market trends, 5G network is going to bring aggressive changes and will leave a strong imprint on other trending technologies, such as AR/VR and IoT. In 2019, 5G stepped in but even after multiple reservations about the technology, 2020 gave way to 5G and seems to go mainstream soon. 

How excited are you? Share with us.

Writer – Mini Jain

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