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Now that you know how the search engine works. Let’s delve deeper and understand what is crawler based search engines? Let’s start with the crawling process.

What is Crawler based Search Engine?

Crawling is a process by which pre-owned search engine web crawlers download a page and extricate its links to discover additional pages. Pages known by the search engine are crawled regularly to check whether any replacement has been made to the website’s content since the last time it was crawled. If the Google best web crawler search engine detects any changes to the page after crawling, it will update, and responses to these determine changes.

What is Search Engine Crawling?

How Does it Work Crawler Based Search Engines?

Search engines use their web-based crawlers to access the web pages. 

All search engines begin by downloading their robots.txt file containing various rules about pages or search engines that they should not crawl on the website. The robots.txt file contains information about sitemaps; this will contain the site’s links to search engine crawlers to crawl or use the crawl technique.  

The search engine uses several algorithms to determine how regularly a page should be re-crawled. For example, a page that changes regularly will be crawled more regularly than the one rarely amended.

What is Search Indexing?

The search index is like creating a library card for the Internet so that a search engine knows where on the Internet to provide the information when a person looks for it. This can be compared to the index present in the back of a book, which lists specific topics mentioned or searched by a user. 

Indexing mainly looks for the text found on a page that regular users can’t see. For example, it has been seen when someone adds words on the page to the index Google except words like “a,” “an, “and “the.”
When any user looks for these words, the search engine revolves through it and indexes all the pages where the words appear, and one can select the most relevant ones. 

In this context, metadata tells the search engine what the webpage is about. Also, Meta descriptions and titles are visible to users who look for any particular content.

What is Search Indexing?

Crawling Images and Other Texts

A search engine can crawl every URL they come across. 

However, if the URL is not in a text form, such as an image, video, or audio file, the search engine will find it hard to read the content of the particular file, which is linked with metadata. 

Also, the search engine will not extract all sorts of information about files that don’t contain text, but still, they can be indexed and ranked to receive a large amount of traffic.

Crawling Images and Other Texts

Extracting Links from the Pages

Best web crawlers find new pages by re-crawling pages already there, and then they extract the links to other pages to find new URLs.

These new URLs are then added to the queue so that they can be downloaded later. 

Through this process, search engines will be able to find every available page on the internet which is linked with other pages.


This is also one way the search engine can discover pages by crawling sitemaps or Google web crawlers

Sitemap has various sets of URLs, and the website where it has been created can be crawled with various lists of pages. This can assist the search engine in finding the hidden website to understand the site indexing.

Google Web Crawlers Affect SEO?

SEO is used so that the website can reach high and can be searched easily. So, if the website developer wants to have organic traffic, it is crucial to block web crawler bots.

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