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JioMeet is primarily a need of the hour product launched by Reliance. But to know why Reliance rolled out JioMeet Online what is jiomeet and how does it work? you need to know this article.

How the idea of JioMeet started?

After the severe hit from Covid-19 pandemic, there was a sudden rise in the demand for a reliable, safe and quality based online video conferencing platform, preferably made in India. Due to so many questions of users’ security, there was an urgent need and vacuum in the market to be filled. That’s the time when Reliance, stood up with an alternative in the name of ‘JioMeet’.

What is Reliance’s JioMeet?

Indias Reliance Jio launches video conferncing app JioMeet – TechMoran

JioMeet from Reliance is a recent development post Covid pandemic. A top-notch video calling alternative to compete with the pioneer competitors in the market already, namely Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. It’s composed of a few exclusive features that make it special relative to others.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind about the features of JioMeet:

  • JioMeet ensures a comfortable sign up process with the convenient option of mobile number or E-mail ID.
  • Helps you schedule and conduct instant meetings and enables calls/chats at a single click.
  • Offers screen sharing, meeting-scheduling, and many more.
  • Gives you host controlling options and allows you to record logs of all audio and video calls.
  • As the meetings are password-protected, the host can facilitate a “Waiting Room” to make sure no single participant joins the meeting without approval.
  • Offers “Safe Driving Mode” while driving, along with multiple device (max 5 devices) login features with consistent swapping of devices from one to another while on a call.
  • Allows you to choose video quality before scheduling a meeting, and also provides details of the invitees.
  • Gives you nationwide and worldwide scope to join seminars/workshops; cultural and social events.

While using JioMeet, if you have any questions regarding the usability and operation of the app, you should check the following points before downloading, registering, and using JioMeet.

How to download and use the App on Mobile Phones?

How to download and use the App on Mobile Phones?

Simply go to Google Play Store and download JIoMeet App on your android device. Whereas, if it is an iOS device, you can download the App from the App Store and register on the app using your mobile number or Email ID, set a password. Once you submit these details, your JIoMeet account is up for use.

But before scheduling, or joining a meeting, make sure you fill out the basic details of your profile so that all your contacts who might be there can recognize you. Like set up your profile image, username, dashboard settings, etc. Once you are ready to go ahead with it. You can start using the app for your daily online meetings, events, seminars, etc.

How to start a meeting on JioMeet?

How to download JioMeet app for laptop and mobile? Know details here
  • Once you have signed up on JioMeet, simply click on ‘New Meeting’ option flashing on the home screen.

Please note that if you have used Zoom Meeting App previously, you won’t face any issue as it’s almost similar while operating the dashboard.

  • You can choose whether you want to keep Video on or off. Also, can generate a personal meeting ID. Without generating ID also it can work but it’s better if you enable the option.
  • Click on Start Meeting
  • Invite your participants, click on the participant’ option and then send them invites. Additionally, you can opt to mute or unmute participants when they join.

How to join a call on JioMeet?

  • To join a JioMeet online meeting, click on ‘Join’ and enter the Meeting ID provided by the host.
  • The next thing you see is an option to disable audio and video before joining the meeting.
  • The best part is that JioMeet allows you to join a video conference even if you are not its registered user.

Which device does JioMeet support?

JioMeet online supports all android and iOS devices, you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. Also, you can access it on the desktop window, based on your convenience. In case you are still doubtful about How to download and start a meeting, you must visit the official website of JioMeet and get all the answers there: jiomeet pro


If you have been a user of Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype, then it is going to be easy for you to configure and use JioMeet. But if you are a newbie then you might need the above instructions handy while doing it. Most importantly, JioMeet is made in India and hence, it is much safer, secure, and reliable to use.

Writer:- Mini Jain

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