How to Use a Green Screen? And How to Make a Green Screen at Home?

This blog teaches you How to Use a Green Screen? how to film your personalized video using a green screen so that you can easily add your custom background. After shooting your film with a green screen, you can seamlessly use Shortcut or Light works—whichever you find on Windows and Mac computers so that you can replace it with your preferred image or video.

What is Green Screen?

A green screen is a backdrop where the footage is captured to be superimposed over a filled background, in a professional process called “chroma keying.” Also known as chroma key compositing, simply keying, or color keying. The green screen is the center of this chroma key effect, letting the filmmakers outlay the actor from their bright green background and then replace it with a new background during the post-production process—an essential toolkit of any movie.

How Does a Green Screen Work?

A green screen works by removing the green backdrop during the post-production by suggesting the system (computer) remove everything from the shot that appears to be green. 

The color green is the safest color to choose because it has very little chance to overlap with human

skin tones. However, if the color green doesn’t work then, then filmmakers sometimes use blue screens.

How to Use a Green Screen?

Folks, are you ready to work with your green screen? Here’s how to use a green screen:

How to Use a Green Screen?
  • Set up the screen

Hang your green screen so that it can fill the background. Make sure to keep it as flat as possible, without any wrinkles. If you have no plan to deal with the wrinkles, then you can even purchase or rent a wrinkle-resistant screen.

  • Get the correct lighting

Many amateurs think that if there’s not enough light on their subject, then the green screen will work fine— but, in reality, you need to have different lighting set up to light up your green screen. Or else, it would look too patchy on the lens and turn tough during the post-production work.

The best lighting setup will be dispersed and hit the screen from above to avoid shadows. Mostly, you’ll be needing 1000-watt bulbs, or even a white bedsheet can provide you the best effect and result.

  • Set the subject

Make sure to keep a particular space between the subject and the green screen. For example, if the subject is in front of the green screen, the greenish shadow can fall. Later, it would turn out challenging to match the lighting of the subject with the background.

how to make green screen at home?

Confused about how to make green screen at home? Well, you can simply use a large piece of green cloth or plain green bedsheet.

How to change a green screen?

How to change a green screen?

How to change a green screen using green-screen effect on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  • Add a background video clip to the timeline. 
  • Scroll the timeline so that the playhead can appear on the background clip. 
  • Tap the media button, select a category, and then add a green screen clip to select it.  
  • Now, from the viewer, tap Auto to remove the green or blue screen from the clip. Or tap the color in the viewer and remove it. 
  • Remove the video clip from the background of the green screen clip. Then, as the clips are connected, move them together and rearrange the clips in the time plan.

Saving the image 

That’s it if you’re done with the green screen image with an alluring background. Select the file type JPEG or PNG, Press Ctrl+S to save your work.
Congrats! You have created a green screen image. Go ahead and create more images.

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