How to make Evaporated Milk at home | Evaporated Milk substitute

What is evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk is the same as its name says: milk heated until and unless the water evaporates. The result will give you thicker milk, but it will not be as heavy as a cream.

How to make evaporated milk at home?

You can make evaporated milk or condensed milk at home by simply heating two ¼ cups of milk and then boiling it until it reduces to at least one cup. Evaporated or condensed milk is usually made with 2% milk; 1% skim can also work fine. This is the process that can work for commercial uses, so there’s no reason why you can’t do it in your kitchen.

What are the condensed milk ?

Ingredients: Non-fat milk, sugar, Vitamin A Palmitate. So, follow the steps that are mentioned, and you can even use dairy-free products to make evaporated milk like soy, almond, or oat milk for a dairy-free alternative if you’re vegan. So, you must be thinking about what is evaporated milk used for. So it is used as a smoothie, thickens up and sweetens coffee, and adds richness to the soup, and ends up giving a creamy texture.  

condensed milk ingredients?

  • Pour the milk into a wide saucepan. The wider the pan, the faster the water will evaporate. A thick in nature saucepan can help you to get the work done. A thick based saucepan can prevent the milk from burning and will sink to the bottom. 
  • Place the pan over medium heat. Keep a closer look at it and frequently whisk to prevent it from turning into the skin. If you see that the skin has been formed, remove it, or break apart, it can block the water from evaporating. 
  • Put it under low flame: reduce the heat to keep the milk at a low simmer or low flame. Also, keep the size of the pot in your mind, stove temperature, and the amount of milk you have put in the flame. It can take nearly about twenty minutes to approx an hour to finish off the evaporation process. 
  • Alternatively, boil the milk for almost ten minutes. This process will require a deep pot to prevent boiling over and can give a scorched taste. 
  • If you don’t like the brown color flavor, you can heat the milk at around 160ºF. It will also take a few hours to boil, but the result will give you a pure milk flavor.
  • Whisk it frequently and add some milk to separate the base from the pan. Now, add caramel flavor to the evaporated milk. Just keep an eye and whisk it between the gap of five to eight minutes. 
  • Lower down the flame and whisk it if the milk rises above.
  • Use a wooden spatula for scraping the base. A whisk can help it from forming the skin. 
  • Stop the process if you find that the milk has reached half the initial volume. After this process, the prepared milk will look precisely what you get at the store if you remove all the water. The color might look brown or white, depending on how often you scrape the pan. 
  • Now, stain it out and separate the milk when it is heated. Pour the milk into the cheesecloth to separate it. 
  • Now, refrigerate the milk. The homemade evaporated milk is different from the market one and is not self-stable. So, store it in an airtight container and a refrigerator so that it can last longer than milk.  
  • Also, refrigerate the evaporated milk or condensed milk once it cools down. The sudden temperature change can lead to glass breakage.
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