How many Gold Medal won by India in Olympic

How many Gold medal won by India in Olympic? India has won 10 Gold medals at the Olympics this year and made all Indians proud. Starting with men’s Indian Hockey and the recent powerful win of Neeraj Chopra.

With 10 gold medals by Indian athletes till today, India has set a new record for itself that shall be an inspiration for the whole world. A long awaited historic achievement made by the athletes of India shall brighten up the path for upcoming talents.

This year’s Olympics in Tokyo would be marked as a golden year for not only Indian Hockey Team for winning gold again after 41 years, but for all Indians, millions of dreams turned into reality. Being an underdog in sports India has surprised the world many times, but this time India came back with a big bang. In the history of Olympics, India will be marked as a winner of 8 gold medals in Hockey and Abhinav Bindra, and Neeraj Chopra became the hot trends for Indians to gush over with wholehearted pride as they won gold in shooting and javelin throw, respectively.

Winning a bar of gold at the Olympics is the ultimate dream and the most honored medal to bag for any athlete and when Neeraj Chopra won Gold and made history, it became a sensation overnight.

Gold Medal won by India in Olympic

  • First Gold at the Olympics in 1928, Amsterdam. Scored 29 goals and 14 by Hockey prodigy – Dhyaan Chand.
  • Second Gold at the Olympics was also won by Indian Men’s Hockey Team in 1932, Los Angeles.
  • Third Gold at Berlin in 1936 by Indian Men’s Hockey Team
  • Fourth Gold at London in 1948 by Indian Men’s Hockey Team
  • Fifth Gold at Helsinki in 1952 by Indian Men’s Hockey Team
  • Sixth Gold at Melbourne in 1956 by Indian Men’s Hockey Team
  • Seventh Gold at Tokyo in 1964 by Indian Men’s Hockey Team
  • Eighth Gold at Moscow in 1980 by Indian Men’s Hockey Team
  • In the Individual category, Abhinav Bindra in Men’s 10m Air Rifle Shooting in 2008, Beijing
Neeraj Chopra gold medal

Neeraj Chopra in Men’s Javelin Throw in 2021, Tokyo 

From the recent one, India has made a remarkable presence on the world map. And hopefully, it will remain so for the years to come.

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